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Solar King Industries Ltd. is a leading solution provider of solar electrification systems in Nigeria. Our goal is to maximize the utilization of solar solutions in meeting the illumination needs of the country-whether on the public roads or in the private estates, whether in cities or in villages, whether in factories or in your hour homes.

Solar King Industries Ltd, a power and energy company made up of experienced Electrical Engineers and researchers is offering you INVERTERS for Uninterrupted Electricity supply without fuel! no noise! no smoke.

Our high quality solar power Inverters are designed to give you a steady voltage of two hundred and twenty volts (220v), twenty four hours a day. This is different from the type of Inverters you use to know. It has been made to satisfy all Engineering standards and has been satisfied safe for both industrial and domestic uses.

The latest in our discoveries is the ability to increase the backup time based on the wishes of our clients using the most recent colossal series of Inverters with Digital signal processor.

An example could be seen at Diamond Bank plc, Ezeukwu branch, Aba. Where twelve units of 200AH batteries were configured to produced 48volts to support a 3000va online-Inverter for a back up time of more than three days.

More wonders of this inverters could be seen at the catholic church parish homes and offices, Musa Yaraadua way, Victoria Island, Lagos and Catholic cathedral, Orlu, Imo state.

The benefits of using these inverters are many. The cost of running your office and business will be drastically reduced. Inverters don’t use petrol or diesel. They don’t have moving parts, so no mechanical services will be required.
You are sure of Health improvement. This is because our inverters do not make noise or produce smoke.

Before the advent of Inverters, we were known as experts in Electrical Wirings for domestic and industrial buildings. We can beautify your streets and environment with attractive and colorful lighting systems such as solar street lights, Garden lamps, etc. We supply and install solar panels for solar powered boreholes.

Your success is our concern that is why we endeavor to ensure that your business goes on free of power interruption at minimum cost in a healthy and noise free Environment.

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