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OPTIMA® BATTERIES - The Next Generation Of Battery Technology Designed And Built In The USA.

The OPTIMA is a sealed, maintenance-free AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery which exceeds the cranking performance of all other batteries

Picture: Optima battery cutaway


  • Impressively high cranking characteristics in a small battery!
  • Higher charge acceptance during recharges!
  • Sealed maintenance free technology - No leaking even if case is broken!
  • Shock and vibration resistant!
  • Light weight!
  • Long Service Life!


The OPTIMA doesn't look like an ordinary battery, because it isn't!

The key to OPTIMA's significantly greater performance is its unique dual plate spiral-cell design. This revolutionary design results in a sealed battery that has extremely low internal resistance and which produces high cranking amperage and very fast recharging characteristics.

OPTIMA delivers high current at Arctic as well as tropical temperatures. The OPTIMA delivers no less than 800 AMPS at 0 degrees F and as much as 1,100 AMPS at warmer temperatures! In addition, Optima will absorb nearly 100% of the recharge current from alternators and battery chargers.


Those who use seasonal equipment, such as farm equipment, boats, and stand-by generators, appreciate the fact that the OPTIMA will spring to life -- even after months of nonuse. Resellers like the fact that an OPTIMA battery can sit on a shelf unused for up to a year before it needs boost charging.


Odyssey PC625
  • 13.2 lbs.
  • Length 6.7" Width 3.9" Height 6.89"
  • RC@25A/27min
  • Personal Watercraft and Motorcycle Battery
  • The PC625 is a direct replacement for YB16CLB
  • 2 year Warranty
Odyssey PC1200T
  • 36.0 lbs.
  • Length 7.87" Width 6.66" Height 6.80"
  • Will support a 25 amp load for 1.3 Hours
  • Marine: Trolling Motors, Deep Cycle, Starting, Inverters
  • 3 year Warranty
Odyssey PC1700T
  • 60.9 lbs.
  • Length 13.0" Width 6.62" Height 6.93"
  • Will support a 25 amp load for 2.4 Hours
  • Marine: Trolling Motors, Deep Cycle, Starting, Inverters
  • 3 year Warranty



Picture: Lifeline batteries
  • Aircraft class cell construction:
    1. Lowers internal resistance for high repeated engine start current.
    2. Withstands shock and vibration much better than flooded or gelled electrolyte designs.

Twice as many discharge/charge cycles as the leading gel battery (see chart).

Faster recharge; no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging. Much better charge retention than flooded cell types, even at high ambient temperatures.

Full recharge after 30 days storage in a full discharge condition 77°F (25°C).

Sealed construction with absorbed electrolyte - no shipment restrictions; submersible without damage; install in any position; no need for watering; no corrosion on terminals.

Cell safety vent valves - pressure regulated, nonremovable. Rugged, nonmarring polypropylene (copolymer) case/cover.

Safety - even during severe overcharge the LIFELINE AGM battery produces less than 2% hydrogen gas (4.1% is required for flammability in air).

Lifeline batteries are not restricted from shipment by air. Passes DOT 49 CFR Sec.173.159

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