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Solar Energy Bore Holes  

Rural communities in many developing countries depend on rain water, flowing streams, stagnant ponds and shallow wells. The privileged ones drink from boreholes or tube wells. In Bangladesh for example, tube wells are popular as clean sources of water. This cause was championed by UNICEF when diarrhoeal cases became very rampant and infant mortality was ever on the rise. Unfortunately, due to lack of foresight, adequate seismic geological survey was not done.

Today, surface tube wells tests have been found to contain the poisonous arsenic which results in various types of skin and organ cancers. These two scenarios confound scientists. They drank surface water (ponds, rivers) and got diarrhea. They ran away from surface drinking water and found solace in underground drinking water (as advocated by the experts). That too has failed in a way. Arsenicosis is the result of long term adverse effect. What safer alternatives are there for the environment and for the end users? The first is to dig deep tube wells that penetrate deeper than the superficial layer containing arsenic metal. That is capital intensive but worth the effort.

Another innovative way, more technology compliant and convenient for use is to power the borehole with solar energy. Once solar panels access the energy of the sun, they automatically power the borehole system for easy access to portable drinking water. Solar energy can also power water heating for use. It is increasingly becoming the renewable energy that is pollution free and able to save millions from preventable water-borne diseases. As agents of change, the maximization of the potentials of solar energy through contribution to policy debates and implementation when in position of authority is a sine qua non.

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