Become truly Energy Independent! Discover the FREEDOM of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Constant Electricity is Our Business.

We provide High quality Inverters & Solar Energy Solutions to meet the power needs of the country

Uninterrupted Electricity Supply

no fuel, no noise, no smoke!



Solar King  is a power and energy company made up of experienced Engineers offering you INVERTERS for uninterrupted electricity supply without fuel! no noise! no smoke.


Go Solar and save up to 20% on your energy rate



Uninterrupted Power Supply with the latest Inverter Power Solutions.

Our high quality solar power Inverters are designed to give you a steady voltage of two hundred and twenty volts (220v) all day. Our solutions meet all Engineering standards and guaranteed safe for both industrial and domestic uses.

Why use Inverters?

  • No operating cost; No diesel cost. Sunlight is free and inexhaustible
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Become truly energy independent
  • Environmentally friendly; No pollution,  no noise
  • Long lifespan. Solar panels function for 25+ years.

Solar Energy Solutions

With energy prices continuing to rise, and financial incentives now in place, there has never been a better time to get involved with solar energy!

We provide alternative energy solutions like solar PVS, solar Energy Bore-Holes, solar Thermal hot water systems, solar Heat pumps, solar Powered LED street lighting

 Discover the Freedom of Solar Electricity

  • No running cost, no fuel, no diesel
  • Electricity supply on a 24/7 basis
  • No noise, no changing-over, no hassles
  • 12 months FREE maintenance
  • Solar Panels lasts over 25 years

We also provide a variety of other electronics & electrical products

Gas & Electric Cookers

Gas and Electric Cookers from single oven and grill models, to full double ovens with programmable timers. Ovens are available with conventional or fan oven operation and also includes sealed plates or stylish ceramic hob options.


A complete range of both Fridges and Deep Freezers products are in stock. Bulk or Office supplies are very much available.

Step Down Transformers

Step down transformers are designed to reduce electrical voltage. Their primary voltage is greater than their secondary voltage. This kind of transformer "steps down" the voltage applied to it.


Solarking provides a broad range of computer hardware products to help small and medium sized businesses maintain a high level of productivity.

General Supplies​

Office needs like- Furniture, electrical appliances, Computers, Stationery, etc. Our dealings with our clients over the years have really distinguished us from the rest of other known contractors/suppliers.

Why Choose Us

We provide quality, affordable & durable Inverters and Solar Energy solutions to you.


Low Cost

We provide low cost products with high efficiency to our clients.



Quality & Durable

We provide quality and durable solutions to our clients.



24x7 Support

We are here for you all the time. Always having your back.

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Solar King Industries

We provide quality, affordable & durable Inverters and Solar Energy solutions to you.