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Welcome to Solar King Industries LTD.  

Solar King Industries Ltd. is a leading solution provider of solar electrification systems in Nigeria. Our goal is to maximize the utilization of solar solutions in meeting the illumination needs of the country-whether on the public roads or in the private estates, whether in cities or in villages, whether in factories or in your hour homes.

Our high quality solar power Inverters are designed to give you a steady voltage of two hundred and twenty volts (220v), twenty four hours a day. This is different from the type of Inverters you use to know. It has been made to satisfy all Engineering standards and has been satisfied safe for both industrial and domestic uses.

The latest in our discoveries is the ability to increase the backup time based on the wishes of our clients using the most recent colossal series of Inverters with Digital signal processor ...

    Why use Inverters?     Discover the Freedom of Solar Electricity

No operating cost; No diesel cost. Sunlight is free and inexhaustible
Very little maintenance required 
Become truly energy independent
Environmentally friendly; No polution; no noise
Long lifespan. Solar panels function for 25+ years.

No running cost, no fuel, no diesel
You get electricity supply on a 24/7 basis
No noise, no changing-over, no hassles
12 months FREE maintenance
Solar Panels lasts over 25 years

Inverters & How they Work Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Essentially, there are two forms of electrical power in the Universe: Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC).  Direct current flows continuously from the positive electrical pole to the negative electrical pole.  Alternating current flows back and forth between the two poles.  DC current occurs in Nature and batteries, while AC current is man-made and supplies power through the public utility grid that supports human industry and infrastructure....

Our business is based on achieving long-term client satisfaction through high quality products and installations. We use only products from reputable manufacturers including BP Solar, Suntech, Kyocera, Outback power, Xantrex, etc. All of our installations come with comprehensive warranties as well as free maintenance for the first year.

If our client isn't satisfied our job isn't done, and we leave no job unfinished!
Our service begins with a consultation and evaluation of your needs. We then advise which product and solution we believe would work best for you.
    Inverters And It's Installations can Be Applied to the Following Sectors:  
  • Banks/ ATM's
  • BPOs / Call centers
  • Data Centers
  • Deep Freezers
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Industrial Drives & Motors
  • Laboratories
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Clubs, Pubs and Discotheques
  • Schools / Educational Institutions
  • Super Markets / Shopping Malls
  • Telecom Towers
  • Textile Industry ... and many more.
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